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Sixth: Policy of Privacy and Confidentiality.

Sixth: Policy of Privacy and Confidentiality.
(1) We might ask you during the registration process or at any time to provide us with personal information about you including but not limited to the name, the age, address, mobile phone number.
(2) The user shall grant us a non-exclusive, unlimited and irrevocable licence to use his personal information submitted by him in the registration form online for the purposes of providing services, updating them or notifying him of matters connected with providing the services of the application.
(3) The parties to this agreement (Chef, Food Deliverer, Customer) shall be bound to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of their personal data and they declare and shall be personally liable that the disclosure by any of them of the personal information to the other party is without any intervention by us and he shall be liable for that and we shall not incur any liability.
(4) Food deliverer and customer shall be bound to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the other party’s Data he obtained through the implementation of the delivery process and they declare that this information is confidential and may not be disclosed without the consent of the other party.
(5) The parties shall be bound not to disclose any personal information through the use of messages within the application and they shall be personally liable for any disclosure of this kind.
(6) The parties shall entitle us to use GPS to specify his location in order for the food deliverer to reach him easily and chef and customer expressly declare that this use is permitted by them.
(7) The parties undertake to maintain the secrets of the application and each of them shall be liable to us for any breach of the confidentiality of the application and its processes.
(8) You shall be bound to abstain from disclosing any information connected with the operating of the application to third parties whether for free or not.
(9) You shall be bound to maintain the confidentiality of all the information connected with the details of the transactions via the application and not to use it in whichever form and you shall be legally liable and liable in contract for any illegal use or not permitted in relation to this information.
(10) You declare that you avoid the following of any means that helps the collection of information about the other users including the mobile numbers and their other means of telecommunications.
(11) You know and agree that the internet isn’t a safe means and the confidentiality of your personal information can’t be fully ensured.
(12) We on our part undertake within the limits legally permitted not to uncover your confidential information and not to use it in a way that conflicts with your right to privacy.
(13) We undertake not to circulate your information and not to sell it to third parties. But you shall entitle us to allow our employees to deal with your personal information within the limits of providing the services.
(14) The application will not disclose your personal information except in case of a judicial decision or a decision rendered by a judicial body that binds on us to do so.