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Fifth: Granted Licences

Fifth: Granted Licences
(1) Through being bound by the conditions of use or any conditions of the service and through paying any applied fees, the application grants you a limited and unexclusive licence that is non-assignable and may not be subleased to have access to the non-commercial use of the services of the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا”.
(2) This license doesn’t involve the reselling or any commercial use of any of our services or their content. Also, it doesn’t involve any copy of the information available about the account in the favor of third parties or the use of means of getting data as well as any use of the tools of collecting and eliciting the similar data.
(3) You may not reproduce or make typical copy of this application, copy, sell, resell any part of it or use it in a different way for purposes of commercial or non-commercial exploitation of it without having an express written consent by the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا”.
(4) You may not use any descriptive marks or any other “hidden text” which exploits the name “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” or its trademark without an express written consent by the application.
(5) You aren’t licenced in any of the forms to publish any link of websites or another applications via the application or through any features available within the application including messages, chatting or through the evaluation services.
(6) You may use our services in the form only legally permitted and according to the conditions of the agreement.
(7) You may not misuse our services in any of the forms.
(8) The licences granted by us shall terminate in case you don’t comply with these conditions of use or any conditions of another service.
(9) All rights not expressly granted to you to these conditions of or any conditions of another service shall be reserved by the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا”.