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Fifteenth: General Conditions and Provisions

Fifteenth: General Conditions and Provisions
(1) General Prohibitions:
1. You shall be prohibited as user to publish any means of telecommunications via the application and you undertake that the communication is done among (Chef, Customer, Food Deliverer) in the methods specified within the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا”.
2. Through the use of messages or any other interactive features provided by the application, you shall be prohibited to publish false, defaming, illegal, racial, porn information or information contempting the cultures or violating the intellectual property rights of third parties, political information, information conflicting with public good, threatening national security, contempting religions or promoting any goods or services. Also, you shall be prohibited from any attempt to conclude transactions via these features.
3. You shall be prohibited as a user to publish any links of another applications or websites within the application or involving software or viruses or aiming at any deception or online hacking.
4. You shall be prohibited to use any means of telecommunications resulting from communication via the application or outside the application to achieve any other deals.
5. You shall be prohibited from manipulating or attempting to manipulate the application in any way.
6. You shall be prohibited in any way to intervene the working method of the application or to publicize in any way that you represent us contrary to reality.
7. The visitor of the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” can provide their ideas, suggestions, comments, questions and any other information provided that they don’t contain illegal information and don’t infringe the privacy or intellectual property rights as well as not causing harm to the rights of third parties or raising rejection and objection.
(2) Taxes and Fees:
1. The user shall be bound to pay all government taxes levied on the activity he exercises via the application.
2. The user shall be bound to pay all the fees and commissions due to the application before the implementation of services.
3. The user shall be bound to pay all the taxes levied on products he buys or sells including the added value tax and other taxes.
4. The user shall be bound to pay the fees of telecommunications companies for the purpose of getting the data connected with the access to the internet.
(3) Assignment of Rights and Obligations:
1. The application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” shall be entitled to transfer all the rights mentioned in this agreement to third parties without any objection by the user. All shall be bound to perform all their obligations mentioned in this agreement to the assignee immediately they are notified of the assignment. The assignee shall be entitled to take all the legal procedures against whoever doesn’t perform his obligations under this agreement.
2. You may not assign your obligations and rights under this agreement or authorize a third party to manage your account in the application except after getting a written consent from us.
(4) Modifications:
1. The user shall be bound with the changes and modifications done by the application in relation to the applied policies and he has to accept any modifications considered by the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” to be necessary.
2. We may at anytime conduct modifications or improvements we consider appropriate and necessary for increasing the efficiency of the application. The user shall be bound with any directions or instructions provided by the application to him in this regard.
3. We may modify the costs and commissions at anytime and in case there is an increase in these costs or commissions, we will give notice to the user thereof a period of time before the entry into force of this increase.
4. You may not change any terms of this agreement amend or replace them without a written consent from the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا”.
5. We may amend or update these conditions and provisions of the agreement in relation to the use of the application without notifying you thereof. Thus, you have to have access to this agreement regularly.
6. You agree to be bound by all the additional conditions and terms that will be made available to you in connection with the use of any of the services available via the application. These additional conditions and terms are attached to this agreement.
(5) Cancellation of the Agreement:
The agreement shall be deemed to have been automatically rescinded without the need of excuses or taking judicial procedures in any of the following cases:
1. In case your breach of any paragraph or term of the terms of this agreement above mentioned is proved while reserving all our rights to claim compensation for the damages resulting therefrom.
2. The non-payment by the user of the fees and costs agreed upon.
3. Assigning or subleasing the account without our consent.
4. The non-performance by the user of any obligations provided for this agreement without taking serious actions to eliminate this breach while reserving our rights to claim compensations if necessary.
5. Inability to document any information you provided us with.
6. In case we decide at anytime that your activities resulted in legal disputes to you or to other users.
7. The cease of the activity of the application or the cease of the activity of the official of application management.
(6) Applicable Law and Competent Courts:
1. This agreement shall be governed by the laws in force within Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
2. Judiciary within Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan shall have jurisdiction over any dispute that might arise from the interpretation or performance of this agreement.
3. In case any of the provisions of this agreement becomes illegal or unenforceable, the legality and enforceability of the other provisions will not be affected.
(7) Notices:
1. Any notices you like to send to the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” must be sent through the features specified within the application. Any notices sent outside the application shall not be considered.
2. Any notices the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” likes to send to you shall be either by publicizing them via the application or sending them to you via the mobile phone number you provided us with during the registration process. You are supposed to have known of the notice as soon as the notice is publicized via the application or with the lapse of 24 hours from the time at which the message was sent to you.
(8) Language:
1. Arabic text of this agreement shall be the certified text in relation to interpretation and application of its conditions and provisions.
2. In case of conflict between the Arabic text and the translated text of this agreement, the Arabic text shall prevail.