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Eight: Intellectual Property Rights

Eight: Intellectual Property Rights
(1) Copyrights:
1. This application shall be deemed to be an intellectual work of art and its copyrights shall be owned by MR. ABEDLQADER WAHID ABEDLQADER MUGHRABI who has the Jordanian nationality and he is the author of this program and shall reserve all the material rights including the rights of direct and indirect exploitation of this application. Also, he shall reserve all the moral rights including the right to publish this application, the right to withdraw it or modify it and the right to attribute this application to its author (The Right to parenthood) and the right to respect this application.
2. The application and ideas expressed within it shall be our intellectual property rights. Any imitation or plagiarism of the application or some of its services (including ideas, texts, symbols and software) shall be deemed to be a violation of our copyrights for which we will take all the legal procedures against the perpetrator of the said violations.
3. All the contents included or available within the services of the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” such as (texts, logos, pictures, graphs, voice, recordings, icon buttons, digital contents, materials that are uploaded, software and collection of data) shall be the property of the application and shall be protected by Jordanian laws and the international copyrights laws.
4. The collection of all data inserted in the service of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” or making it available by any of our services shall be exclusively and privately owned by the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” and protected under the Jordanian laws of copyrights and the international ones and also shall be protected under the international conventions in force such as Bern Convention and TRIPS Agreement.
(2) Trademarks:
1. “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” and logos connected with it shall be our trademarks and/or our services marks.
2. Pictures, logos, headers of pages, icon buttons, texts and services names shall be trademarks and commercial designs of the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا”.
3. Reproduction of trademarks or commercial designs of the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” in any media or advertising means shall be prohibited without a written permission from us.
4. Trademarks and commercial designs of the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” may not be used for contacting any product or service that doesn’t belong to us not to cause harm to the position and credibility of the application of “TaBkTnaa - طبختنا” or to cause harm to its customers.