With TaBkhTnaa .. enjoy homemade food

Who we are ?

To be the leader of innovative ideas ,it’s not only a question of being able to execute them ,but also to be the best in their implementation by offering complementary services , and is also measured by the rate of benefits created for the benefit of users and society in general .

This is the application "طبختنا - TaBkhTnaa" :
The application “TaBKhTnaa-طبختنا” , the first world’s application that functions as an electronic  platform connecting all the housewives and people who can cook delicious meals  to customers who prefer homemade meals using the GPS technique to locate sites and regions …while ensuring a fast delivery service.
The application started with an extraordinary innovative idea .At the beginning we wanted to create the largest database that gathers all those who want to offer homemade cooking services, to offer customers a wide choice in terms of meals, cooks and prices and thus will make them enjoy the best services with best prices.
For a long time of about a year, we have developed all the details of our main idea, focusing on our strategic approach to a more ambitious and productive future.
Our slogan was to always give the best of ourselves .Our team worked 24 hours a day to achieve the desired level of efficiency …
At the end, we created the perfect application “TaBKhTnaa-طبختنا