With TaBkhTnaa .. enjoy homemade food

The features of the application

-Attractive design and easy to use.
-The application works in three languages: Arabic, French and English.
-A free download.
-The application is compatible with all models of smart-phones.
-Facilitated search in the chef’s menu.
-Present to customers a varied menu : sandwiches , appetizers ,salads , soups , grills , stews , fish , healthy meals , bread and paws ,drinks , pastry ….in addition to half-cooked dishes ( with prior request)
-A fast delivery service by the deliverymen who are   the closest to the customers to bring them warm, fast and good meals.
-Possibility of payment by different methods: cash, credits card, bank transfer.
-The application sends notifications throughout the entire process order’s execution from the beginning to the end (the receipt of the meal by the customer).
-The customer has the right to give an evaluation to the cook. This evaluation will determine his level in the application and will certainly pushes him to perfect his meals to satisfy all his customers. 
-A solid system of points obtained by the customer according to the number of meals and their values, with an economic reduction system that can correspond to all salaried levels.
-Establishment of an agreement with chefs to prepare meals for parties and special occasions.
-The application works like a mediator between these three people: the customer, the cook and the deliveryman. If one the element is violated, penalties will be imposed: paying a fine or prohibition of the use of the application during a specified period.
-The application provides photos of the chef’s kitchens and photos of their dishes.
-A solid system of offers given by cooks during a specific day or a special occasion.