With TaBkhTnaa .. enjoy homemade food

Our vision

To make the application “TaBKhTnaa-طبختنا”, the first choice in the world of all those who are looking for a homemade meal .They will find the confidence, the quality and the speed in the execution of their orders to facilitate their quality of life.
We do not have the magic recipe of success but we have the ambition to achieve the perfection by bringing together all the conditions of success: hard work, sincere commitment, solid financial plan and the expertise of our team in many areas. We do all this because we like to provide the best things to the society, because we have the desire to participate in developments and prosperity and because we are hoping for a radical change in the evolution of this great world.
We work and we strive to fulfill our dream: making the application “TaBKhTnaa-طبختنا” a very large area that gathers hundreds of thousands of cooks which work hard and fast to deliver the most delicious meals to customers around the world.